Yours For The Taking

By November 18th, 2020, my opening brief to appeal a Federal Claims order from MHS must be filed; 30 days from 10/20/2020.

Federal Claims taking cases specifically concern the government seizing private property for public use.

What becomes of a person who has lost their citizenship rights and has been classified as an “enemy?” Carter Paige learned firsthand. Does that person become property of the federal government? If 50 USC 1801 designates a person whose FISA (Federal Intelligence Surveillance Act) application has been approved by FISC (Federal Intelligence Surveillance Court) as “an enemy,” does that enemy cease being a citizen and lose their human rights? This is the case that I must make to inform the court of the government’s taking or seizure of an “enemy” body as property. For this seizure, also known as torture, does not increase the general public welfare, but it might enhance the profits of the privacy-protected third party contractors hired by big pharma. The Mugler-Hadacheck noxious use does not apply as police or military power does not protect public health or safety through this seizure.

When a person is placed in electronic surveillance under 1801, that person is subject to physical and psychological torture. The government designates that person’s human body as private property belonging to the government. Does the government then have to right of public use enabling third party contractors to triangulate frequencies with government NTIA-issued signals so as to experiment with and ultimately harvest data from that person’s body without consent?

The Civil Rights Act of 1866 supersedes the FISA of 1978. Further, I claim the intent and title of the Act as a protection against torture and injustice.

Overturning of Roe v. Wade would remove privacy protection thus any and every person could be legally targeted with electronic surveillance. Without turning the citizen into an enemy, the UNITED STATES could keep that all-important liability exemption.

Meanwhile, if the government is publicly using private property that it has seized, then is the government still liable to pay compensatory damages accordingly?