Your Neighborhood: The New Opportunity Zone

“….owners will become wealthier by developing [legally sub-dividing and selling] their                           property[ies]. In a country based on the right to develop land and become wealthy                               through one’s own efforts[.]”

Translation:  the author of this quote is a developer or someone who stands to gain from turning specific neighborhoods from planned communities and single-family homes into “bungalow courts and multiplexes.”

Developers own several homes, live where they choose and have no skin in the game just a profit to maintain. The real motivation is always the bottom line; the land grab.

Blacks have seen this strategy from the beginning. Despite slavery and Jim Crow American Apartheid, American descendants of slaves built thriving communities in Tulsa and Rosemead only to see their communities mobbed, bombed, lynched and burned out of existence by a “respectable” surrounding white community.  When these Black enclaves still managed to survive and rebuild, the 1950’s offered a new freeway through many Black neighborhoods and business districts not already butchered by the one hundred years since “slavery’s end” in one form.

Nixon, after the Civil Rights Act of 1965 and into his first administration in the early 1970’s, thought it a good idea to impose opportunity zones.  These impoverished enclaves gave the pretense of promoting business creation and home ownership opportunities for poor Blacks.  Meanwhile, the “real” estate was actually owned by the hidden hand of wealthy, white investors who would eventually emerge to take possession of these Black-owned business areas once the market showed signs of ripening.

With the 2021 injections, slavery, its surveillance and control are no longer restricted to Blacks.  In equal measure, opportunity zones land grabs are being rolled out under the cover of emergency homeless housing (SB 330, SB 9, SB10).  These senate bills subdivide single family housing into four or even ten lots thereby increasing the tax burden on the single family home forcing people out so depleting the area that the desired property can be easily bought up by the wealthy developers. It’s a shell game collateralized unlike the slavery vetted within the Constitution.

This is why Black people are wary of the Constitution, the gene therapy jab and the “emergency” mandates in play.  All blueprints established to enslave.  The redress has yet to be paid and it’s 2021.