God knows.

Know God.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” John 1:1

Word, the Word, is more than a sound, an utterance or an idea.  The Word is your bond; your connection to God.  When you envision, pray, hope, plead or cry out to Our Creator, then this expression of feeling and faith becomes your connection; the Word.

Wolves howl at the moon as do dogs to a passing siren.  They too seek a connection as animals to the world around them.  The Word, however, is the connection given to humans by Our Creator; a path to reach God directly.  The Word is not a religion, ultimatum (John 3:16) or strategy of dominance (Surah 33).  The Word is your birthright and to access it, you must have faith.

You must also be discerning for this world was not given to man, but to that clever, arrogant  disobedient jinn also known as satan.  He was sent into this world by God and his purpose is to deceive humans by destroying their humanity.  The easiest way to do this is through blasphemy against God spoken and tolerated by humans.

ROCnow.net was created to help educate people about satan’s efforts to sew blasphemy into the language.  The site seeks to educate people and help them guard against it by recognizing and shunning media that perpetrates a curse or swear against God.

Every song, film, sitcom, article, book, cartoon which blasphemes God holds you accountable as a witness against yourself.  Many popular PG and R-rated films blaspheme repeatedly throughout the movie to destroy your reverence for God and your connection to the power of Our Creator.

Slowly, you become desensitized and unaware of the blasphemy.  You lose your connection and your soul lays vulnerable to deception because you have lost your connection; the Word.  This is when satan, the coward, attacks you and your divinity.  Satan attempts to destroy the Word because he is jealous of you and the fact that God chose to give the Word to humans thereby creating humanity.

ROCnow.net seeks to restore the connection and help you remember that you are of God.

You can restore your soul even at this late hour by Respecting Our Creator Now.