What Is It About Control?

The human mind loves control and the heart loves justice.

If the mind were the white death and the heart the Black life, would they exist as a caduceus separate yet intertwined or like melinated organs pulsing toward a common intelligence?  The heart and mind work together and yet the world created by humans is dominated by an impulse of control.

The WEF (World Economic Forum) and the CFR (Council of Foreign Relations) family member-patrons wield just enough information-as-chaos to bounce society with abandon between the failed control mechanisms of fear and greed.

Incapacitate or jab enough teachers, doctors, engineers, chemists, nurses, social workers, planners, architects, salespeople, janitors and other useful members of society and a society created to heal, build and support itself can no longer function. Some prefer to shout “Hegelian Dialectic” and that’s fine.  It’s still the problem, reaction, solution of control that we humans engage with to the destruction of our potential which insults our God-given intelligence.

Yet the people who love Our Creator and who respect this temple ordained by God continue to feel love within the city of seven gates and refuse the vaccination.

Can you see a world in which the useful people are terminated and the helpless are without help therefore? Is it a level in Dante’s inferno? This created chaos demands obedience and so I ask what is it about control that stimulates people to capitulate to nonsense?  Is it only fear and greed?  Is there something more within the human genome that ushers in love and bravery?


That something moves above control with a confidence beyond their (WEF-CFR family members) conjured fear.  Your understanding of God, your own worth and the twelve win.  Believe you can honor your humanity and take action to preserve the good.  Choose to be the winner; the one.