What Is Humanity?

Humanity is a word.  The word is the gift given by God to humans and distinguishes people from angels, satan and all other creations.

Meriam Webster defines humanity as “compassionate, sympathetic, or generous behavior or disposition:  the quality or state of being humane; human.”

According to Genesis, satan was thrown out of heaven and onto earth where he tempted Eve, then Adam.  The Quran further explains that satan was cast out of heaven because he refused to bow down to man upon God’s command.  The devil swore to betray and disprove God’s chosen whom satan felt were inferior to him.  Humanity therefore is the prize that the devil schemes to destroy so as to prove his own superiority over the word and his own worthiness before God.

The D-Wave, the geoengineering, the cross-domain bacteria (a.k.a. morgellons), the mRNA instructions posing as a vaccine, the machine learning, the transhumanism are the weaponized protocols of the technocrats, eugenicists, and of course satanists.  These families are nothing if not organized, coordinated, power-delirious, and vicious beyond cruel in executing their goals of control. They are patient.

Humanity is compassionate, sympathetic, generous and vulnerable in the midst of a lethal and carnivorous force which seeks the complete and total annihilation of the human race as proof humans are unworthy of humanity.

Masks then vaccines and a geoengineered fishbowl for the transhumanized, soulless humans remaining on the planet is a failed vision that only satan’s minions could proffer.

The humane, the humans, and humanity continue to express the word, the truth, the light in the midst of darkness.  Truly the light and dark intertwined is the success and victory.

Every day that you remain connected to God, free of masks, vaccines, lies, fear, and cowardice is another day that planet breaths light, joy and victory.  Stay faithful and connected to Our Creator in the word, your birthright, and with every breath you take and every prayer you pray.

May God bless humanity and the humans.