Tools of Torture: Implants, Semi-conductors, Patches

This patch was grafted onto the skin of my belly on the right one inch north and two inches south of the belly button on the right side. These photos were taken days apart. Though the skin around the graft has begun to peel, the brand remains intact as one sheath of skin. These 10 lines appear to have been finely-lasered into the skin and look pre-fabricated. This patch would fit into a semi-circle the size of a dime.

Would a medical doctor or surgeon be able to explain the images above? Is it a skin graft? Are these lasered sutures? What could therefore cause a cut so fine, so precise and parallel to the other ten cuts, lasers or sutures? These are the questions that scientists, generals or highly-placed public officials might know. Most doctors (unless insiders) would have never seen such a procedure which appeared one morning on my stomach area upon waking.