Timing is Everything

Toward Brain Computer Communication” by Jacques Vidal was published 1973 by UCLA’s Brain Research Institute while contemporaneously Stanford University was perfecting its brain dictionary.

Could these projects have any relationship to New Jersey Senator Peter Rodino Jr.’s 1977 bill, H.R. 7308, which passed the House, Senate, was signed into law by President Jimmy Carter in 1978 and became 50 USC 1801-13?  Let’s take a look because, as you know, timing is everything.

If one has seed, a mule, $100 and forty acres of land, the next reasonable action would be to start farming.  Nature provides the sunlight, the rain, the wind and the bees to cross-pollenate crops. These benefits combined with your strategic and persistent effort to till and toil create an abundant profit known as a harvest.

Electronic surveillance through neural and biological operating systems is the same.  Brain chipping experiments and patents like those of Delgado are like seeds.  Add the Stanford brain dictionary and  voila, your military-industrial vested interests have the perfect cover to introduce, vicariously through a congressman, a bill that if signed into law, would permit electronic surveillance of nearly all United States citizens.  Of course those with approved FISA warrants would have no idea they had been deemed by the secretive FISA court as “enemies” of the state.  Nonetheless, the mule would continue to plow this fertile soil of “electronic,” biological warfare.  In 1978, Jimmy Carter signed this bill and here we are forty-three years later, looking at the harvest:  the take-down of our society as we have known it through the patented bloodstream.  Those who’ve taken the jab have altered DNA or synthetic genetic material which can be patented.  In others words, injected individuals will become a form of intellectual property; less intellectual and more property.

The biological mechanism of surveillance coursing through the veins of fully-boostered, vaccinated citizens turns them into “enemies;” dominion, property, chattel.  Truly you will not buy or sell without the mark and will be considered an enemy in this matrix.  All the more reason to stand strong and reject this interface to the glory of God.  Many will give in as pressure mounts and accept the injectable operating system: the mark of the D-wave beast.  Hold on, fight on, remember your humanity and the Word given to you by our Creator because timing is everything.

This is just the beginning.