The Sevens and Winning

On October 1st, 2021 (10/1/2021), the Associated Press announced and published the news that 70 million people remain free of the gene therapy that is “the jab” and that 700,000 people had died from Covid 19.

These two numbers are important because both represent freedom.  The former number signifies freedom from death and tyranny, the latter freedom through death into the spirit realm because of tyranny.

The difference between these numbers is two zeroes or “00” and what does that mean?


The higher forces are winning.  They always have.  They always will.  Always do.  And you?


It takes t00 to find the courage to stand against tyranny and fight for your life.  Do you have it?

What is the significance of October 1st, the sevens, the eggs and you? Find out now, not later.


Why golden seven? Does it symbolize perfection, security, safety?  Where is the city of seven gates through which we enter?


Find this place, your power, and fight to win.



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