The Patch: I Am Where You’re Headed

Two days ago I discovered this graft or patch branded onto my skin.

Note the small circles bordering the corners above, below and to the right of the location where this graft was set as if for the draft of a building’s foundation or to demarcate from a satellite the borders for an earth station vehicle.

Image taken 06/12/2020 at 10:42 am PDT. The graft fits into the semi-circle half the size of a dime

Is it a graft? Is it a tatoo? Is it a ten-lane micro-trough? Have technological advances been produced that mimic this lasered cut?

What is hydrogel? A means to remotely download vaccines, data and frequencies effecting the genome and upload information concerning genetic data (DNA/RNA)

What is H.R. 6666? A bill to fund “contact tracing everyone” and gain access to everyone’s genetic data (DNA/RNA)

What is patent number W0202060606? An operating system designed to data mine human body (genetic, anaerobic) activity: work-related facilitation of cryptocurrency operations where payment is based upon this work activity or specific anaerobic output.

What is a Microneedle Vaccine Patch? A means to deliver genetically-related biometric data and feedback including vaccines, vaccine-upgrades, cryptocurrency, bio-compatible operating systems, platforms and upgrades.

Critical thinking begins with asking questions.

I am a non-consensual test subject to several subdermal tests utilizing semi-conductor implants in no less than fourteen areas of my body as of 2019.

Therefore, since this brand is the most recent attack or experiment in the past week, studying its use impacts everyone.