The Overlay Takeover

On Wednesday, June 10th, 2020, I heard a garbage truck whiz past my house and a thought came to me to go outside, grab my family’s garbage can and bring it back to the side yard so I could see if I had thrown away an important card.

I told myself not to open the can, but to just grab it and rush back. Within a few seconds, I was out the door and to the curb. I grabbed the handle, felt the weight and realized the trash had not been picked up. Suddenly, as with Pandora’s box, I felt the urge to open the can and look inside. Once I did this, I immediately felt relief because I could see the garbage was there and then something happened.

I had this feeling come over me of fear, embarrassment and guilt. I winced at the smell, timidly rummaged through the top of the contents and then felt this calm feeling of “the card is not in here.” I looked to my left and noted a neighbor in his yard and suddenly felt awkward standing there. I fearfully concluded that ” there wasn’t enough time to look through the can,” “I did not want to rummage through the stink and miss the pick up” and “my brother might bother me for going through the garbage.” So I went inside, closed the door and kept having this really strong feeling that the card was in the can, but I could not force myself to go back out side even though I felt this incredibly nervous, anxious energy and frantic agitation.

I washed up, said a prayer and began to eat cereal. I noted the loud sound of the garbage truck making a second pass. I then got up, went outside and the garbage was gone.

At that moment I realized, as if my memory had opened up from a deep sleep or as if I had been released from hypnosis, that I had placed this beautiful card in a large, empty mailing envelope, put it in a garbage tin which was then placed in the larger can on the street that was then picked up by the truck. I was deprived of and diverted from retrieval so that I would miss my opportunity to save the card.

I was the bullseye of a mind control experiment to monitor my emotions. I noted that the continuous left-ear tinnitus I have experienced for years was extremely loud this particular morning.

The experiment began a few days earlier one night. Under what appeared as hypnosis, I opened a drawer and pulled out the card. I remember wanting to read the words inside and look at the cover. When I picked up the card, I could only partially see it; peripherally. I opened it up and saw my own cursive black lettering from the corner of my left eye and not head on. I did not even read the card or look at the beautiful cover. I simply put it in a large envelope and later folded the envelope with my left hand. All that I saw was peripheral. I was not in my mind yet somehow I was able to remember seeing and feeling my actions. I also remember throwing a vinegar jar in the round garbage tin in the garage and feeling, as it crashed into the empty can, “That’s loud enough to wake the neighbors. That was loud.” However, these were not my actual thoughts and the wording was awkward [for my neighbors are no where near the garage] so I realized that these thoughts were someone else’s.

What’s key though is that I rushed to the can that morning initially because some part of me knew the card was there, but consciously up till that point, some part of my cognition was blocked from accessing the memory of throwing away the jar, putting the envelope in the can, or even remembering that I had done any of those things. I was not even able to remember how to retrace my steps or check the garbage can. Several times during the week I thought to look, but the thought was gone as quickly as it came. It was not until the garbage truck sped past that I was released from this cognitive block and so rushed to the street on a gut instinct knowing that something was wrong.

Yet the blocking or hypnosis programming had a back up which allowed this soothing confident thought-overlay to talk me out of pulling the can to the side because the goal was for me to loose something important and to overpower my thoughts through fear, guilt, shame [my emotional vulnerabilities] in order to prevent me from waking up in time and taking back control. Had I remembered that I had thrown away these items, I would have naturally retrieved them, but I had no memory of putting them in the garbage. Because the truck sped by without an initial pickup, the programming “heard” the truck and released my memory. When this happened, I had the immediate instinct to rush out and get my card. When, however, the programmers realized that the miscalculation afforded me time to re-enter my memory, react and know without understanding through instinctive memory that my card was in the garbage, they had to quickly intervene with an overlay or fail at their mission.

Therefore, a plan B needed to be implemented on the spot hence the “Voice of God” interface which came across as a soothing overlay feeling of “the card is not in the can.” The smell was a further deterrent along with seeing the neighbor possibly watching me rifle through the garbage. I felt fear and terror backing away from the can until I went inside. After the second pickup and once I saw that the can was empty, then the memory of throwing away the vinegar jar and putting the envelope in the garbage tin slowly came back to me. I was hypnotized and then released once the trigger of the second passing garbage truck was signaled.

The missed first passing required the intervention; an overlay of assurance and fear blocking memory and reaction until the second pickup was complete. Think Jose Delgado. What’s fascinating is that I could feel my self fighting to be heard and to bring the can to the side. I felt the anxiety and tension warning me to get out of the kitchen and get the can, but I could not physically get up and move from the kitchen because of this alternating calm and fearful overlay that felt unnatural; uncomfortable.

I am angry that technology exists that can override a person’s natural ability to respond by syncing with or utilizing the person’s vulnerabilities and fear to ride through their actual feelings. This leads me to understand how people could be overtaken, led to hand over patents, titles, property, bank accounts, custody, commit crimes; the sky’s the limit once you have the genetic override key.

I am an unwilling participant in a non-consensual experiment.

I have had left-ear tinnitus since November 2011. I remember standing in my storage unit one evening in Orlando when suddenly this ringing began in my ear. I couldn’t shake it and didn’t know why it was happening. The ringing continued through January 2013 when I flew to West Africa and landed in Morocco. That first night it felt as if someone were pulling a knife out of my head because the signal had stopped. For the next week, I had a severe headache, but what I realized was that my tinnitus was gone. It was a beautiful, lucky time and I felt free.

Even when I returned to the US in April of that year, no tinnitus. However, after a planned, traumatic incident on a Greyhound bus in October upon relocating to Reno Nevada, the frequency was re-established. I still remember that upon crossing the state line from Truckee, the tinnitus was turned on, turned up and has been ever since. That was six and half years ago.

The tinnitus is a symptom though of a much larger problem: radiating people as part of non-consensual experimentation to learn about how to control and manipulate the brain; thoughts, feelings, and emotions. My ability to explain in detail what happened is important because it shows the power and beauty of the human mind and why this experimentation and torture will end. It must because we are human: worthy and destined to empower our humanity.

Additional Note: I watched Stephanie Conkle’s 2/26/2020 “Telepathic Hypnotic Trancemission” and noted that on my left leg laterally and two inches above the knee, I felt a sharp pain (at the location of the 10/15/2015 semiconductor implant) in the first three minutes of the video. This was a pulsing, throbbing pain. Once the video concluded, I felt a sharp pain in the stomach and a sudden nausea along with a stomach ache.