The Morality of Opting Out of the WEF Great Reset

Is it moral to opt out of the World Economic Forum’s (WEF’s) Great Reset?


The alternative to the Great Reset would require people to honor their innate humanity toward one another over their manufactured efficiency toward the “greater good(s).”

The technocratic basis of the Great Reset demands centralized control which at its roots is the strange bedfellow of tribalism that winks and nods “capitalism.” It’s a small group of eugenicists who imagine the planet as a Bonsai to be cut, shaped and managed “effectively” for longevity by its “owners.”

Humanity is far greater than a tree, yet those strategizing the Reset have a vision that goes smaller:
A small clan or tribe of wealthy eugenicists managing technocrats with a plan to downsize humanity if they “do a really great job on new vaccines (2:46)

Enter the Reset and the reason for the vaccines and not simply medicines.  Vaccines, their manufactures, purveyors (a.k.a. allopathic doctors), investors, politicians, health administrators bear no liability for your damage, injury or death thanks to the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986.  However, medicines, the ones you hear about while watching TV, are liable and do have a lot of litigation victories.  Hence, the Reset will be televised and the mandate: a vaccine; two doses for starters.

The moral action necessitates that people buy and sell from each other and not Walmart, Sam’s Club, Costco, Best Buy, Apple, Google, Amazon or any other large multi-national corporation.  Yes, put down the pipe and pick up the rake.  Drag or be dragged.  I don’t see a lot of hands raised.  The eugenicist cowards are what they eat and have planned this smorgasbord for decades.  In the past twenty years, people have been made weak: bullied, intimidated, scared, masked and ultimately vaccinated.

Vaccination enables the destruction of a human slowly through experimentation, surveillance, starvation, or outright murder.  There’s no punishment for the inflictors and no damages for the damaged.  Bill Gates stated in 2010 that if we do a really great job we could decrease the 6.8 million population by up to15% or 1,020,000 people.  He meant what he said in his “decade of vaccines” and he put his profits where they would grow:  vaccines.  Covid 19 will not be the same as Cov 21.

I anticipate that once people begin to suffer and die from the SARS-cov 2 vaccinations, it will be called a natural death, the cold or a flu:  the old switcheroo.  The unvaccinated may find themselves dying of Cov 21: the mutagen if released in January 2021 or the FEMA experience.  The most important piece remains the vaccinated individuals who survive and transform into transhumans. These people will be tracked, monitored, surveilled and perhaps bred until their untimely and unnatural death.  They will never be the same as they were before the jab, but they will have a universal basic income and no assets.

The alternative to the WEF Great Reset, and there is one, is to stop shopping.  The eugenicists are already forcing this upon you:  hindering your income, requiring you continue to pay your bills, squeezing you into desperation.

We must re-invent our humanity and return to consciousness.  James Corbett refers to this movement as agorism.  Africans state “it takes a village.” The American cohousing movement obliges this return to communalism without tribalism.  StormCloudsGathering created this vision in the Phillipines. To bypass this forced vaccine experiment and the Great Reset, we must create our own communities and live by our own rules.  This is how free people fight and restore their rights and freedoms.