The Mental Health Cover Story; Making This About You

“Mental Health” is the new meme and it’s all about you…only it’s not.

Celebrities, royalty, athletes are suffering from and simultaneously glamorizing “mental health” challenges, but mental health is simply a code word for mind control. This control takes many forms: radiation, remote hypnosis and it is carefully planned, rehearsed, staged and then activated. Such that the dizziness, nausea, loss of memory, achy joints, burns, scars and sharp pains are attributed to you and to your mental health. In fact, you are actually being radiated at a specific frequency and magnitude in order to control your mind, experiment on your body, and ultimately attempt to destroy your soul; dehumanize and transhumanize you. Really.

I had this specific experience in Alabama in 2013 (“65 South From Birmingham”) and just a few days ago in California (“The Overlay Takeover”). I understand what is being rolled out upon the population nineteen years after the September 11th trauma.

Mental Health is a cover story for the use of radar: satellite 6G, 5G, ELF, GATOR to target, surveil, remotely vaccinate, and torture: body and brain, ultimately leading to termination.

The “Mental Health” banner facilitates the taking of property, child custody, patent ownership, inheritance and assets of any sort by keeping a firm ownership grasp on the banner. It requires coordination between the American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association, the DSMR, the courts, senate and legislature at the local, state and federal levels. Those who refuse contact tracers, testing and vaccines will surely be classified as having a mental health issue.

The media’s job is to normalize mental health while actually attempting to normalize the radiation of the human mind through the use of radar.

Fiber optic technology underground effectively empowers critical infrastructure: communications, utilities, data banks, yet the 6G/5G above the ground is being sold as the fast way for the population to communicate. This is because infrastructure is important and human beings are slated for precision cutbacks; culling via mind control. Think Bonzai tree. Hence the roll out of 6G/5G for population and mind control which helps with the remote injection of vaccines to download operating systems and viruses.

Another goal is quantification and control of the global food and seed supply. The weather, as we know, has been geoengineered at least since the end of World War II.

You’d have to be crazy to believe it’s true and that’s the beauty of “Mental Health.” It is true and you believe it so you must have mental health issues.

That was easy.