The Future Is Now

“Therefore calamity will come upon him suddenly; in an instant he will be shattered beyond recovery” Proverbs 6:15

“While people are saying ‘Peace and Safety,’ destruction will come upon them suddenly, as the labor pains on a woman, and they will not escape” Thessalonians 5:3

As the United States begins transitioning into the brave new world order, many citizens are treading water with the hope of returning to the “score of abundance,” those twenty years (2000-2020) of delusion built on a petro-fiat dollar and a whisper of utopia.  That dream has ended and there is no going back to sleep in hopes of retrieving it.

Trillionaires happily become billionaires.  Billionaires willingly morph into millionaires.  Millionaires naturally segue toward hundred-thousandaires.  Even multi-thousandaires can eat with a few gees in assets.  What of those living paycheck-to-paycheck, stimulus check-to-stimulus check in anticipation of universal basic income? Aye, there’s the rub, for that sleep of complacency, the bulk of the population, 80%, snore. If you are not in the first three categories, be prepared for the sudden calamity whereby the rug, more likely the floor, disappears right under your feet.

Experiencing a 6.9 (Richter scale) earthquake makes you realize that you really are around 60% liquid.  You can feel gravity’s compromise and with it the liquidity of your own skeletal structure melting.  Earthquakes are sudden and rarely predicted unless planned.  Yet preparations are the very definition of planning.  Billionaires and millionaires have the resources to strategize, yet so do families and groups of people who decide to prepare for the transitioning.  With around four months remaining, there is time to demand and stand your ground in preparation for the earth changes ahead.

Focus on securing your life and your community. Peace