The Discomfort Zone

Happiness is the discomfort zone.

You’ve come into this life with the perfect temple, spacesuit, power suit; now use it.

We’ve gone from the “War on Drugs” to the “War on Terror” to Biden’s “War on the Unvaccinated” which is simply a pivot to the “War on Guns.”  If you read carefully, these slogans are all pointing to the same idea: it’s a “War on Our Competition” where “our” refers to the global elite or the Transnational Capitalist Class (TCC) (Phillips-Giants).  You are the competition and so is your freedom, power, happiness.

The global technocrats of the military-medical-industrial class make their money on drugs, terror (war weapons including the injections), genetic therapy patents being themselves unvaccinated, but jabbing everyone else.  These cowards arm themselves while disarming the public so as to exercise even more control.  This war on competition would seem “anti-capitalist,” but as capitalism expands and the wealthy become even richer, the Daddies’ Warbuck coalesce and unify to crush competition (Phillips-Giants).

In order to fight this “tuck-tail,” “ostrich-in-the-sand” strategy, continue to revel in your discomfort zone of disobedience which is actually freedom.  When you find yourself wanting to comply, check your tail and make sure your not standing near the sand.  If it looks comfortable and friendly to your left, go right where it seems less comfortable and less friendly.  Here you will find your best friends.

Wearing a mask signals your obedience to everything: getting gene therapy and its semi-annual booster shots, owning nothing and being happy about it, replacing freedom with conformity, falling asleep during a simultaneous avalanche, hurricane, and earthquake.  Never seen that?  We’re living through it moment-to-moment.

Most people keep waiting to return to normal…happiness.  That never existed.  The only thing that exists in life is the discomfort zone and those who attempt to run from it to normalcy.

Stand where you are against tyranny in this discomfort zone and honor your temple alongside an army of humanity destined to survive and thrive.