The Difference Is Exponential

When two numbers are subtracted, you are left with the difference.  For some, the difference may seem like less and in the sight of God it is exponential.

Gold imbedded in coal under ten inches or ten meters of earth once extracted from its cage becomes valuable: medicinally, as an asset or a means of exchange; exponentially meaningful.

ROCnow is undiscovered, like gold, holding messages of empowerment and love of God and the Black dot twelve for those who understand.

Most people come to this site once and then do not return because the topics are divergent like the wheat and the chaff; not easy to see; intertwined.  Yet the truth, once extricated and understood in the midst of this swirling world becomes exponentially invaluable.  Nourishment for those to whom this knowledge is given and to whom can receive it.