The Classet: The Class Asset Reset

What’s really going on?

The truth is that what’s really going on has been taking place since World War II. It’s been happening aggressively the past nineteen years since September 11th. Now, here we are, in the midst of the global economic reset.

Two books very helpful in understanding the reset strategy are: The Power Elite written by C. Wright Mills in 1956 and Giants: The Global Power Elite (a.k.a. Transnational Capitalist Class) authored by Peter Phillips in 2018. These pivotal publications separated by fifty-eight years show what persistency, vision, and cooperation amongst the rich can accomplish. Destruction, consolidation and control of the world’s resources by a few to the exclusion of the many.

The vision is simple: cover your assets, hold your holdings and turn everything into property so that you own it.

Segue into 2020: the corona virus becomes sars-cov-2 and then covid 19. The country is shut down because the governors and health officials, incentivized (greed) and pressured (fear), took action in the best interests of themselves. The effect of this national and global shutdown has been the destruction of personal property. Much like a “state of emergency” hurricane or flood, people have lost their homes, their jobs, their businesses, their marriages; their livelihoods. Individuals are selling off assets, especially business owners, just to stay fiscally afloat. Like those credit cards being unleashed in March, the HEROES Act loans must be repaid because this debt is exactly the opposite of an asset.

“To Protect and Serve”

Where have you seen those words before? That’s right, it’s the policeman’s/sheriff’s code of honor; the department’s mission statement, right? Well, if you’ll just reach back into the history of the police, they began as organized vigilantes whose job was to lookout for and recapture runaway chattel slaves: property. It was the job of the police one hundred and sixty years ago to protect and serve property owners which were slaveowners. It still is so today through the legal loop holes of Jim Crow, mass incarceration and yes, even opportunity zones (George Floyd was murdered in an opportunity zone in Minneapolis) that the owners seek a larger, more diverse pool of slaves.

The United States of America has failed to acknowledge, redress or repair the damage of slavery to the American Descendants of Slavery (the institution) and so closure on the United States’ legacy of shame is again delayed. Those who do not learn from history are destined to repeat it and this is why slavery is being reset “classet” globally with the 99%.

People are protesting across the world against this lockstep into biometric slavery and rightly so. The military intelligence overseers and police shills who infiltrate peaceful protests, riot and create violence are the soft play in destroying this Republic and building up SMART, Agenda 21/2030, Federal Reserve-centered cities. People thrown depleted unemployment benefits are hungry, tired, angry, desperate and afraid. They are therefore easy to herd and steer…off a cliff. Therefore, the police will protect and serve no one.

The goal is to consolidate assets with no property owners beyond the 1%. The 1% certainly don’t need the police to protect them when the elite cooperate within their own consensual rules and rituals. The 99% are over the cliff and deep into the vaccine-digital cryptocurrency TrustStamp known as ID2020.

So why bother having the police? Get rid of them. That is what we are seeing. The police are being defunded, the hospitals are going bankrupt, small businesses will never reopen because assets and ownership are fading like the middle class into the new global poverty-state. You have no property and no assets to protect.

The Classet is the Class Asset Reset whereby the 1% remain human and you, vaccinated and without assets, become the new property. You are now a slave. The legacy-holder children of the owners of the corporations to whom you gave your permission and released them from liability, now own you. They injected you with the ID2020/TrustStamp/W202060606 vaccine: the mark of the beast because you let them. In the name of God, push back against tyranny and fight for your soul.

You are worthy of your soul and you will win this fight when you stand up for your humanity.