The Casual Racist and Extortion versus Black Male

The first thing a casual racist does is point out that male is spelled with an “i” and not an “e.”

That’s the giveaway because the term blackmail is part of the denigration of Black men and Black women; the Black race.  Blackmail, black sheep, black market, black ball, devil’s food cake and the list goes on.

The term Black was specifically used in Khemet (Egypt) to describe the color of the people and the soil; Black.  This word did not exist in the English language, but rather the term “swarthy” was used by whites to refer to darker people half a millennia ago in England.  The word “black” was used in English to refer to evil, sinister and foreboding circumstances not to be trusted.

When “educated” people in the media, business, and even academia discuss withholding and exchange, it is rare to find spokespersons who choose to flesh out the term “extortion.”  Liberal or conservative, white, pink or yellow will happily and conveniently use the term “Black Male” because it’s easier to remember and visualize.  Plus these same “educated” white-capers do not care about the feelings of Black people.  They have no inclination toward respect when it comes to Foundational Blacks and this abusive language which is American English.