Take The Medicine: The Sandwich Approach

Used to be, when a kid had to take that all-important nightly castor oil or Castrol oil, it was a mind-bending, hide-under-the-bed never-ending Houdini escape to avoid imbibing.

Alas, the sandwich approach.  Julie Andrews memorialized it with a song in the movie Mary Poppins:  “A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down…in the most delightful way.”

Hence, the secret was to give a candy or “a spoon full of sugar” before and after the fish oil and sure enough, it was no longer the dreaded time of the night for flight. It was ok.

Well, it’s 2020 and there’s a new “medicine” in town: the SARS-Cov-2 vaccine. The Powdered Delete (power elite) and their 60-year segue into the new-and-improved “global” Transnational Capitalist Class are testing out the sugar substitutes so they don’t end up with a dentist bill or a sugar rehab liability.  Should the sweetener be a waning fiat petrodollar for bread and circuses? A really cool “1st World” TrustStamp patch to the right hand or the forehead expediting VIP status for bread and circuses?  Perhaps the old carrot and stick approach would be more effective than any sugar substitute.

Of course the media has been most helpful in priming the public for deprivation.  You know, there may not be enough castor oil to go around and then you’ll be “the outsider;” not important enough for the vaccine. So many carrots so little time.  What’s a crafty technocratic eugenicist to do?

Use all of it of course until you have that magic 80% under your thumb and then squish. The birth of a centralized cryptocurrency (a.k.a an IMF-approved Beijing market special drawing right) swimming in your bloodstream.

It was Castrol oil after all.