Stealing Black Babies

I caught you. You know you’re caught. Put the baby down.

Identity theft has been on the rise in the Black community and specifically against foundational Blacks; the descendants of slaves. I first wrote about this in 2011 and described it as a bait-and-switch. Obama’s presidency ushered in a rise of this specific theft by his own genetic example whereby white women raise Black children. Caucasian women like Heidi Klum and nearly every Kardashian were procreating with Black men and giving birth to mid-level overseers or white mama babies: a buffer class.

In the second the level, you had white women like Madonna (nee Ciccone), Sandra Bullock, Angelina Jolie and now Amy Coney-Barrett “adopting” (not re-uniting) children from poor Black parents in the US and African countries raising them to become overseers; a buffer class against Blackness. Indigenous Black people see the Okie Doke, but really don’t know what to do about it so deep is the disenfranchisement and dissociation. These Caucasian women do not genetically mingle their whiteness into blackness, but still gain the value. The Black children have no memory of or loyalty to their Black family history until it becomes profitable to the white family. The movie “The Blind Side” provides an example of the poverty and disfunction the protagonist escapes from when he is adopted by his white family and becomes (through their privileged lifestyle and Bullock’s “tiger” mom love) a star athlete. The government owes a large debt to this man’s Black mother and to him, yet if he ever received reparations, the protagonist would surely give the money to his white family. Think Brandt Jean; Botham’s brother.

The third type of robbery involves Black women having their children taken from them through divorce, police action and the protective services. Once taken, these children are placed with white families or simply swallowed into the foster care gastrointestinal track which is the culpable government. Either way, the second level comes back into play and these children dissolve the memory of and attachment to their Black mother and father.

In all of the above examples, Black children are growing up calling a white woman mama and identifying themselves with whiteness, but humiliated because they perceive themselves as less-than in a culture of white supremacy.

In the 1990’s, Joe Biden and Bill Clinton bragged that they were tough on crime and Trump was cheering on them because he wanted to be tougher. Black men were arrested and disproportionately jailed throughout history, but especially after the passage of Biden’s Law; the 1994 crime bill and the thirteen billion parsed out to states to adopt three strikes. So while Black men were being locked up, Black families were being separated, stolen and gentrified like the neighborhoods and communities where the whole Black family once thrived.

The stealing of Black children is at an epidemic level in 2020 and the racist laws based upon the even more racist Constitution do not function for Blacks. Even as the policy of benign neglect is being regurgitated in the form of “people of color,” “black and brown,” “BIPOC,” and “minority” to name of few of the “watered down” terms used to make Black “creamy” except when it comes to killing. When death is on the table, Black is Black. When reparations are due, Karen swoops in for her cut. No more.

Black people are waking up to the state of the broken laws, corrupt courts, gangster judges, and feckless police. Our children are being stolen and turned into white people. This stops as we wake up, demand up and show others the abomination taking place in this land our ancestors built. The government must repair the damage, return the children and cut the check.