Respecting Our Creator NOW

I dedicate this site to Our Creator, God, One, the Almighty whom I love.

Respect is love.

Respect is a verb; an action. Actions taken physically are powerful and actions taken through words are equally commanding.

“By their words you shall know them.”

I started this site to help people who want to respect God in deed and in word.

We live in a world created with every action that we take and every word that we speak.

When we praise Our Creator and thank God for the many challenges and blessings that flow through our being, we raise the vibration of ourselves and of our planet. When we hear these praises, it elevates our energy and brings us joy. This is the power of the word.

Equally, when a person curses the name of God, they are cursed; the energy flows out of them. “Sin” in Spanish means “without or alone.” When you hear a curse against God by a person, in a song, movie, book, play or simply in casual conversation, this curse is an attempt to bring you down and isolate you from God.

Words are powerful. Like food they feed you and what you take in can either heal or poison you so pay attention to where you put your attention and with whom you spend your money.

I encourage you to spend with those who speak words of love for God and to starve those who curse God. Everywhere they record, film, publish, act and speak against Our Greatest Hope, let those efforts be de-funded, divested and made accountable.

Our Creator is for us all. There is no path anyone can demand for your spiritual evolution. You may choose the established patriarchal or matriarchal religions to find your way or you may set off on your own road. The choice is yours.

“Love God and do as you please.”

I simply say let your love be respect.

Just as carefully as you choose the food that you put in your and your children’s mouths so exercise that caution with every word that you speak and with the words that you allow in your environment.

If a song curses God, tell the vendor you are returning it. Email the online store and tell them you want a refund; cancel the subscription. The purveyors of blasphemy will get the message quickly in their pocketbooks.

Some people are quick to say, “Why bother? There’s nothing I can do about it.” Yet let a pedophile move next door and they are the first ones to jump up, post flyers and get a neighborhood petition going.

It really comes down to “Are you willing to stand up and demand respect for God?”

Your wisdom and wealth are your weapons. Use them wisely. You and your family become stronger and healthier by feeding your mind with good and divesting from those who disrespect God.

Take a look at these screening sites for music and gaming as a starting place:

1. Lyrics https:/
2. Entertainment Software Rating Board

You can ROC it. I know you can.

You have to start sometime, so let it be today…right now with

Respecting Our Creator Right Now