Reparations: Vindication v. Humiliation

Sounds like that white privilege ball-and-chain’s becoming a little heavy for your heart Narcissus.

If you can get past the reflection of your pheomelanin, notice that the still water upon which it floats runs deep with the blood, sweat and tears of free labor that built the wealthiest country in the world. Like any corporation though, you weren’t balking about your thin-air stimulus-welfare check when you cashed it; no questions were asked. Now it’s time to cut the check. Reparations are a debt owed by the United States government to the American descendants of chattel slavery.  History will repeat itself until the debt is acknowledged and paid. Only then can this crime against humanity be brought to closure.

It appears that in the world of white supremacy, the Satanic ritual initiation of humiliation ushers in acceptance. You agree or are forced to submit to humiliation; loss and then you are rewarded with acceptance.

Byron Allen, a billionaire in his own right, won both of his appeals against Comcast in the Ninth Circuit federal court of appeals in San Francisco one year ago. Yet the Satanists saw his victories and an opportunity to destroy the civil rights of all people while simultaneously humiliating Blacks as represented by this wealthy ADOS businessman. In fact, Comcast’s lawsuit was escalated to the Supreme court to compromise the Civil Rights Act of 1866. Protections against civil rights abuses were sieved through an impossible “but for” pinhole granting a near unanimous agreement to destroy the nation’s first civil rights law.

Allen lost the case and American civil rights died March 20, 2020; a bird in the hand was worth two in the bush.

Americans and Allen never understood why Comcast and the White House ran to the Supreme Court to kill the Act. Allen must have been a little surprised to see how eager Comcast was to settle, bring on board several of his channels and even gloat about the new partnership once the loss was returned back to the Ninth Circuit. Couldn’t Comcast have simply settled a year ago after Allen’s two victories in the same court? No. That’s not how the shaming ritual flows and there are no breaking the rules or the rituals without a price. Byron Allen currently has a lawsuit against Charter and it’s quite likely he won’t lose because he has paid the price; open humiliation, loss and submission required to enter the club even from the back door.

Why was the Act defiled? The Civil Rights Act of 1866 offers vindication before God to the American property owners past and present. This Act was passed by the House and Senate over the objections and veto power of then President Andrew Johnson. That’s how important the Act is. Now these rights are no longer protected and so police are no longer needed because there will be no more property owners. That old system of asset and ownership is dead as any technocrat or eugenicist would explain if they felt you were worthy of their time; they don’t. Your civil rights are no longer protected. Allen was the ritual sacrifice taken to the Supreme Court against his will for the baptism of humiliation allowing him to become acceptable. The corporate shareholder owners are all in this together once the price has been paid.

Shaming is the devil’s price for admission. Think of hazing in college fraternities and sororities, consider entrance to dining or social clubs like Skull and Bones, or simply joining your local Masonic order: it’s a process of initiation: subjugation — the lie which is white supremacy.

Break free and know that God has you. Even as He created that jinn; the brightest morning star, He made you more and gave you the Word. Remember who you are. Remember the Civil Rights Act of 1866. It was written into law as a protection for you and for your God-given right to exist humanely in this land.