Patsies: The Making of An Aggressor

There are six steps according to FBI/CIA documents used to harass and break down a target. Did the CIA learn harassment methods from Hitler? Did Hitler learn gaslighting from the KKK which terrorized newly-freed slaves denying their rights to property, commerce, and human rights? Is everything old new again? Are those who fail to learn from history destined to repeat it?

What I do know from experience is that after the gaslighting and sleep deprivation stages are completed, the individual opens to suggestion and hypnosis. Once a person has been hypnotized, they can be set up as a patsy, but first their aggressive instinct must be cultivated.

Lee Harvey Oswald, Myron May, Aaron Alexis, and Amber Geiger are examples of individuals who perpetrated violence. Were they remotely hypnotized? Can radar remotely co-opt the human mind from great distances? These men and that woman have all been classified as mentally ill or deranged, but were they? Why did Amber Geiger wander to the wrong apartment? What was she actually seeing as she was talking on the phone with her handler?