Critical Race Theory Or Running From Blackness Until There’s A Bag

Another word for Critical Race Theory is history. Critical Race Theory or CRT focuses upon the specific history of oppression-economics in the United States.  You may call that slavery, American Apartheid (Jim Crow), redlining, mass incarceration to name a few, but it all boils down to the reparations owed to the descendants as a result …

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RBCs v. SarCovs Spike Protein Particle

Who carries it better? When both mechanisms are tasked to fill their donut with a specific payload, life excels.  Team humanity and the RBCs are the winners every time.  Nature abhors a vacuum so you fill the space with love. Believe.  

Go Small

To paraphrase, Warren Buffett once infamously said that successful businesses will have products that become smaller and smaller. That said, I knew that Geim was on to something when he accepted the Nobel Prize in 2014 for isolating graphene in 2004.  I imagined amazing applications of atoms set side-by-side like birds perched on a telephone …

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What Is It About Control?

The human mind loves control and the heart loves justice. If the mind were the white death and the heart the Black life, would they exist as a caduceus separate yet intertwined or like melinated organs pulsing toward a common intelligence?  The heart and mind work together and yet the world created by humans is …

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Grounding, also called earthing, is a technique used to re-align and reconnect your electrical energy fields with that of the planet. As we walk, eat and breath in a pool of electromagnetic energies within the spectrum, light is a mere four percent.  Therefore to reconnect with our own Schuman Resonance and that of the planet, …

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Born Swimming

Being born in America during the 20th Century is like being born swimming in the vodka bottle.  You’re drunk in the illusion of excess.  Your mission is to sober up by bursting out of the bottle and into the water source.  You must re-invigorate your mind and remember who you are while you have this …

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