Mind Games as Mental Health Indoctrination

What might Debi Thomas “Goin 4 AU” (1988), Serena Williams’ Triple Grand Slam (2015) and Simone Biles Tokyo gold exit (2021) have in common?  Mind games, brain interface, mental health “demons” and AI D(-wave) IOT perhaps.

How is pulling the rug out from underneath these Black women any different from the humiliation-castration program foist upon Black men like Simpson, Cosby, Woods, and so many others?

Like the men, these powerful athletic women are being deprived of their glory-upon-the-world-stage moment using the “soft” weapon of war which is mind control.  Why?

This is an agenda of white supremacy (WS) and these devils always break their toys or make a bold attempt to do so.

“Black women are crazy” someone heavily under the influence of WS once told me.  To understand who was really speaking, you must glean that WS-“presumed” dominance is about war, physical power and winning.  The newest weapon in the soft war is mental health.  All the world is a stage and global sports the theater used to test and prove the equipment.

This experiment upon Black female athletes and others to push the mental health, mind game ties in with the 6G mind control technology currently being laid down around the skeleton of 5G, the ionosphere, atmosphere and planet.  Those tens of thousands of satellites being launched through companies owned by Musk and Bezos aren’t for decoration.  Satellites drive the technology of atmospheric control and mind manipulation.

Debi Thomas, the first Black figure skater in history to win the World Championship, was confident and slated to win gold against Katerina Witt in 1988.  However, she lost her balance; her nerve and barely received the bronze despite being favored to win gold as the current two-time national figure skating champion.  Mind control technology is powerful and it works.

Serena lost the equivalent of the Triple Crown in tennis, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, to a little known Italian player ranked 43rd and “coincidentally” named Vinci who ended Serena’s (wait for it) 33-match winning streak.  Who would not want a Black woman to have the master plan?  I can’t imagine.

Now we see Simone Biles spooked by “demons” rebranded as “twisties.” Mental health is once again being named as the culprit.

Everything old is new again and history will repeat itself until we overcome the demonic by pulling the plug on the cowardly, white supremacist game of mind control.