Legacy-Holders: The Calm In the Storm

Maternity is not over-rated.

The English translation of Surah 33 is entitled, “The Confederates.”  Not exactly what Robert E. Lee had in mind, well.  This surah explains and details the importance of the clan and the symbolic, idealized woman who upholds the group lineage with her egg.  In Islam, that woman is Mary.

Wait a minute.  In Christianity, that woman is Mary.  What’s going on here?  Over half of the 8 billion people on the planet have a belief system that states Mary is the foundational bloodline of society?  This is what Robert E. Lee had in mind after codifying black “slave” labor and white wealth.  The patriarchal religions know enough to clearly state who their mother must be.

So in the midst of this Covid-19 crisis, Mary’s inheritors, her eggs, are comfortably waiting to be hatched.  They believe themselves to be eagles and have been primed to fly, to soar, perchance to rule.

Their no “vaccine passports” are based upon the wealth of the family; their clan.  These inheritors live outside the world of work, stress, separation, hunger and confusion.  For these eggs, the rules have been made clear from the beginning.  You do not know their names for they must be protected at all costs.  These children have never been vaccinated, never wear masks except for fun and associate amongst themselves.

If you knew who they were and how valuable these spawn are to the clan, you could seize your power today. Alas, you too look to white egg Mary and so back to work you go, keeping your head down and hoping for the best.

The nail that stands above the rest is the first to get hit.  Is this why won’t you stand up to the legacy-holder inheritors? Half of the brainwashed world that refuses to see that these legacy-holders will inherit stolen power and become tyrants as were their parents.  Their cotton candy hammers are no match for Our Creator.

Stop fearing at the covid jab-violent protest-“bread and circus.”  Take a look at the legacy holder inheritors basking in the calm before the storm and preparing take their place.  Make your rightful place with Our Creator for God loves justice.