If Federal Employees Get Injected

and the federal government shuts down on Friday, October 1st, then those jabbed workers will still not keep their jobs and will not get paid.  Taking the shot for nothing?

If federal employees get injected and the debt ceiling is not raised by October 18th, then the government will default on its $28 trillion dollar interest payment to the Bank of England before December 3rd.  Otherwise, it defaults on the fourth or attempts to kick that old can further down the road until the crypto replacement is in place.  America’s petro-dollar and the global (printing machine) currency is replaced with a market (Beijing)-special drawing right; a basket of currencies perhaps also known as Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) which fits right into that vaccine passport you will carry in your spike protein instruction manual.  Taking the shot to carry your currency within your platelets?

And what then?  Taking the shot for nothing but to become a slave?  Why?

You’re human.  Stand up for your humanity, defeat the eugenicists and get used to winning.

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