Go Small

To paraphrase, Warren Buffett once infamously said that successful businesses will have products that become smaller and smaller.

That said, I knew that Geim was on to something when he accepted the Nobel Prize in 2014 for isolating graphene in 2004.  I imagined amazing applications of atoms set side-by-side like birds perched on a telephone wire; the possibilities.

For some reason though, the hydrogel applications and the injectable covidian operating systems completely bypassed my imagination. Graphene is a key component to both technologies. Who knew?

Microsoft W202060606, Palantir, Blackrock, Siemens, Ratheon: big companies making bigger money because their shareholders understand the logic of Buffett; smaller and smaller products and applications.

What if our human divinity, our word, could penetrate graphene like a photon’s gluon or quark, only smaller, faster, sharper.  Yes, humans were born with a God-given motility if only you would use it.  Why doesn’t the CPC want you to understand your melanin and its power?  What is it about the word that overcomes all?  This word was given to humanity for those who have ears to hear and space to feel.

Go small and remember the gift given to you by God.