Global Class Action Against Big Pharma and Government Requires Repealing the Vaccine Injury Act

The title is the solution.

Reversing the Hegelian dialect therefore, the reaction to Covid-19 was a complete lockdown of economies, a death-after-death count until it supposedly reached hundreds of thousands while pushing funding for a contract-tracing-surveillance-vaccine politic. The problem that kicked off this terrorist shutdown was SARS-cov-2 or was it?

A mere four days ago, Donald Trump and his wife tested positive for Covid-19. By Friday, his condition had worsened and he was placed on oxygen. However, that same day his physician, Sean P. Conley, began Remdesivir therapy in consult with Regeneron specialists. Though “overweight,” seventy-four years old, and “falling into a high risk category for coronavirus,” Trump “is doing very well” twenty-four hours later according to Conley. Day-after-day, we continue to hear about the spike in SARS-cov-2 cases with little-to-no mention of Remdesivir. Interestingly, the Trump administration issued an emergency use authorization for Remdesivir May 1, 2020. This decision may have saved his life and others with wealth, privilege and insurance who could afford the treatment.

Many other people however, especially those in the Black community including Herman Cain, have contracted and quickly died since May 1st. There was no mention of intervening with this wonder drug. Why?

If Remdesivir is this effective on an elderly, high-risk individual with co-morbidities, why did government officials: state governors, mayors, health department czars, WHO, CDC, Gates Foundation push for vaccines instead? May be the vaccines offer legal protection from lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies. They do (see part B). Maybe the vaccines are not intended to address Covid 19 or SAR-cov-2 at all. Perhaps vaccines are intended for surveillance and control of the world population and money during this global economic reset. Now that makes more sense.

Once again, it took Donald Trump to show us the deception being played upon the population. He’s one of us right? If he were, then why did he request that governors expedite sub-zero storage facilities to house the multi-millions of doses of vaccines that are not “safely” ready? Remdesivir is for Donald and the vaccine is for you.

Is anyone else having a problem with this?

It’s time to repeal the Act and win a global class action lawsuit against the pharmaceutical corporations and government officials complicit is this attempted birth control jab.

Jonathan Yip initiated a repeal of the 1986 National Vaccine Child Injury Act and garnered 2,661 supporters. Since 1986 when congressman John LaFalce of New York first attempted to appeal the act with H.R. 4500, this and other attempted repeals have failed. LaFalce’s bill did not receive a vote in the house so it died like so many vaccinated children and adults denied its protection over the next 34 years. The act must be repealed or pharmaceutical companies and governments will continue to put forth dangerous vaccines without liability. Having this Act intact is a disaster ahead of any coronavirus vaccine. Can you see it?

Equally terrifying is that second stimulus package Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic-led house passed; a 2.2 Trillion Dollar Coronavirus Relief Bill. You see they’ve tied up your $1200 carrot with a noose; $75 billion dollars for contract tracing. Why contact trace for the vaccine? Because the Remdesivir is not for you; you can’t afford it. You’re getting the vaccine with a $1200 final-installment payoff.

However, you don’t have to take the vaccine.

When you repeal the Act because you decided to stand up and fight for your life, would that $75 billion dollar contract tracing add-on still be there? Would those multi-billions of your tax dollars being wasted by big pharma randomly chasing a vaccine be an issue? I think not because the companies would be liable.

Time to get back to the work of repealing the Act. This time let’s get it done.