From Comrade to Conspiracy Theorist: Everything Old Is New Again

Seventy years ago, the red scare of McCathy’s era turned Cold War tension into a media campaign that humiliated Americans into fear and submission. People snitched upon each other and many were accused of being Communists. Hence, a perfectly beautiful word like “Comrade” became a forbidden, “never-to-be-spoken” word that dropped out of the English language because of its close association with communist USSR.

Today, a similar campaign has been played out which again includes fear and humiliation. Shame is the new scarlet letter; the AK47 of the gaslight gargoyles. Acquiring the label of “conspiracy theorist” or a “tin foil hatter,” an intelligent and honorable person becomes a pariah, “not be taken seriously.” The critical decision-maker become dangerous and irresponsible for not wearing the mask. That perfectly sound human suddenly emerges: not fundable, not hire-able, not marry-able. They’ve got the cooties. They are delusional. Wait Wait…did someone say mental illness?

Mental illness is the meme, the catchall for conspiracy theorists, covid 19 deniers, mask rejecters, the unvaccinated, gun owners, and any one else who might be eligible for targeting by way of 50 U.S.C. 1801 and electronic surveillance. Did I mention a radar?

Just stay six feet apart to ensure that your bioelectric field does not energize another’s; not withstanding a biometrically-synced drone invite.

This isolation program fails in the presence of love and kindness which thwarts mental illness. Therefore stand up and protect your humanity. If not you, then who?