Folding the Handkerchief

Step 1:  Imagine a handkerchief.

Step 2:  In each corner of this square cloth used for personal hygiene, place a personal idea: an image.

Top Left:  a face covering for the nose and mouth: a mask

Top Right: two syringes filled with nano-particles including cross-domain bacteria, aluminum, formaldehyde, arsenic, pathogens, and an mRNA TrustStamp, Covid Passport, Patent W202060606 with protein-building instructions.

Bottom Left: Healers including: Elders, Nurses, Doctors, Teachers, Property owners, Permaculture-Dairy-Cattle Farmers, Property Protectors a.k.a police and spirits of light.

Bottom Right: Physical Assets including land, property, investments, vehicles, art, machinery, animals.  Genetic Assets including children.

Now take the top left corner and match it to the bottom left.  Next bring the top right corner over, under and between the two matching corners then up above them both.  Finally, take the bottom right corner over the two matching corners and tie it up with the top right corner into a knot.  Vigorously shake until you realize that you are the one convulsing and not the handkerchief.

You can’t sleepwalk into this one.  You did it to yourself.  It’s in the bag.

When you open, untie and unfold the folded handkerchief, you’ll find that nothing is there.  Nothing.

Not even you.