Faith Love God

Faith Love God overpower The Overlay Takeover.

It happened again.

Looking through a bag earlier in the week containing a digital recorder, I could not see this item nor the camera which was also in the container, yet it was there.

This military-scale neurological blocking mechanism covered or muted dendritic activation between the cells. In other words, I saw what was in the bag, but could not feel, recognize or connect with the object’s significance.  This draconian experimentation is run through sensors activated in several areas of the brain and body at specific magnitudes and frequencies.  Day and night, these sensors are used to track, surveil, experiment, test and generate data on brain function in this cloaking operation.

Nothing personal, “it’s just business” I was told by a certain operative once upon a time.

Ten years later, this mind control does not go out of style.  However, those involved with their fingerprints on the keyboard and bank accounts receiving those deposits are accountable before God for this torture they commit.

I continue to stand with God as their witness to this surveillance, tracking and experimentation.  Bluffield may be their data dump, but these men and women were born human and are accountable to Our Creator for their actions.

Technocrats and eugenicists say they don’t believe, but we know that they lie especially when it comes to accepting responsibility.  Accountability is real and judgement belongs to God.

Recognizing that I had been subjected to this neurological masking experiment for a week was rather disturbing.  Still the United States government and its third party (earth station vehicle) ESV collaborators are well aware that 50 USC 1801 will only define and cover the lie for a time appointed.  Humanity remains the ultimate truth and belongs to those who stand for integrity and justice: the golden rule.

I continue to hold faith and love in my heart as I overcome, by the goodness of God, yet again these radiating, psychological torture operations conducted by the United States Navy upon American citizens.