Effective Slavery Is Harsh, Endless Torture

The title of this article was inspired by my reading of Edward Baptist’s The Half Has Never Been Told.

This unique, bodily-journey-of-a-book took twelve years to research, write and complete according to Baptist’s Afterword.

The book’s historical narrative and cost analysis detail the highly-profitable cotton economy in the United States and the lucrative global cotton markets for those who owned and traded chattel slaves and their descendants into perpetuity.  Slavery worked most effectively as a harsh, fear-based, endless form of torture that demoralized the soul.  The failed Reconstruction era, discriminatory Jim Crow, denied New Deal benefits and the infamous Biden 1994 Crime Bill which unjustly incarcerated thousands of Blacks were simply post-slavery variations on this torture.  This abuse resulted in the theft of foundational Black wealth for the benefit of White Supremacy.  Hitler studied the Jim Crow laws against Blacks in America to design a model for torturing Jews in Germany.

Americans are fighting daily against: the rollout of 5G/6G, genetically modified foods, geoengineered spraying of nano-sized toxic metals (aluminum, barium, strontium) and pathogens including cross-domain bacteria, pollution of the land and water.  These profitable, big-business assaults, like whips upon the planet, cut the skin of our humanity.  Humans bleed when their earth is tortured because the children suffer scars from the lashes upon their mother.  Effective slavery is harsh, fear-based and endless.

Efficient, torture-based slavery took America from a dozen third world colonies to one fist of first world power through its ascension up the global cotton ladder.  Even after slavery ended and Jim Crow began, the model for keeping labor cheap became the rationale for submerging indigenous Blacks Americans into a permanent underclass.

White “immigrant” America turned a blind eye to the debt that is owed to foundational Blacks focusing more comfortably on the atrocities of Native Americans, divisions in the Middle East, illegal nightmares and not MLK Jr’s Dreamers; a name co-opted and rebranded.  Anything, but go back and understand what slavery has done to create this “land of bilk and phony;” the cotton kingdom.

As United States citizens scream outrage over the mechanisms required to effect global control and “The Great Reset,” they have already forgotten the lesson America taught Hitler:  effective slavery is harsh, endless, torture and it’s lucrative.

The American Civil War was costly: over 50,000 black soldiers and 750,000 white soldiers dead and for what?  To free the slaves?  If you believe that, you may not be aware that this Republic functions on an algorithm:  Black (chattel) labor plus bargain-basement fertile land equals white wealth.  If you think Southern and Western land owners between 1783 and 1861 wanted to give up the number one spot in the global cotton market, you don’t understand why the Alamo was fought.  The “Yellow Rose of Texas” was the mulatto honey trap that allowed the United States to “win” that war, purchase Texas cheaply from Mexico AND roll out slavery.  Mexico initially, on principle, refused to sell its land to the “Untied” States for the expansion of slavery.  America fought the Alamo so Foundational Blacks could continue to be tortured.

As American’s look deep into their collective heart to try and understand why there must be a Great Reset, a two-dose vaccine, and the transformation through transhumanism to slavery, they convenient forget 500 years of Black chattel slavery on United States soil.  Unlike slaves, transhumans will simply obey, live in service and die without a soul.  Only those with wealth, privilege and whiteness will be allowed to remain human.  CPG members are always welcome.

History repeats itself in patterns, cycles, and orbits.  Those who refuse to acknowledge, repair ($), and bring to closure the injustice of slavery are destined to repeat it.

When you no longer have free will to think for yourself and resign yourself to the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and a TrustStamp swimming through your blood stream, then you will be a transhuman.  The torture can be administered remotely, harshly, without end turning you into a mental and physical slave.  Until such time arrives, you still have free will, the ability to think and discern what is happening all around you and the opportunity to take action to stop this violation of your humanity.

There is still time to to understand what slavery is and to repair the injustice done to Blacks in this country.  Start by demanding of the United States government that reparations be paid to Foundational Blacks.  Only then will the blessing of an America with freedom from tyranny be justified.