Dominion of Grantor 99

Dominion means “ownership, or right to property….[t]itle to an article of property which arises from the power of disposition and the right of claiming it” according to Black’s Law Dictionary 4th Edition.

Dominion, ownership, is the basis of capitalism and the foundation of the United States of America.

The pre-Civil war vigilantes were charged with capturing and returning chattel slaves or human property to the slave owner for a bounty. After the war, these men were rebranded and styled as what we currently call police, but the mission remains the same: “to protect and serve” property owners.

A grant is “a transfer of property real or personal by deed or writing” where the grantor reflects “the person by whom the grant is made.” Hence, the dominion of grantor would be the property of the owner.

In America and its capitalistic system of government, the land and its fruits are dominion. The mechanism of labor separates this land from its fruits. The Constitutional fathers of capitalism ignored the moral and ethical commandments of human dignity in order to own, in perpetuity, the mechanism of labor. Dr. Claude Anderson detailed this mechanism is his epic work, Black Labor White Wealth.

White supremacy seeks to maintain this dominion over property and this mechanism of labor while justifying its grantor authority through pheomelanin and not lineage.

The American descendants of freed chattel slaves reject the grantor and deny the authority and dominion white supremacists convey upon themselves. Lineage is held up as the demarcation of what it means to be Black in America and America owes a debt to Black Americans which must be paid.

Let us take a moment to define racism. For while in America, any one can be biased, discriminate or act prejudicially, only the dominant “race” can dominate and perpetuate racism. People will argue that Native Americans, Asians, Hispanics, Jews, Africans and others are not white. However, in the United States of America with all of its “immigrants” and their ethnicities, there are still only two races: Black and White. These two hues have little to do with color and more to do with lineage. Even Nigerian immigrants become white because their lineage does not align with slavery, reconstruction, Jim Crow and mass incarceration as with the descendants of chattel slaves. In this country as with white supremacy and the Constitution (i.e., the Dred Scott case and Justice Roger Taney’s decision), a Black man has no rights that a white man is bound to respect.

So when a Black American descendant of chattel slavery is referred to by a white supremacist as a dog, that Black person is being referred to as chattel or property. The white supremacist is claiming “grantor” status.

DOG = Dominion of Grantor. DOG is the dog whistle for white supremacy and why the media spends so much air time branding black people as dogs: Snoop Dogg, “Atomic Dog,” “Good work by General Kelly for quickly firing that dog!,” and black dog syndrome.

Like the N-word, the “dog” whistle is code for chattel, property, ownership: Dominion of Grantor.

Break free of these words and understand what you are being shown.

You are the grantor over your own dominion: the city of seven gates so keep watch.