Buy-Perception: We Fake Peace

“By Deception We Make War” Moussad

Yet there is a more subtle war taking place with the goal of “peace and security:” The Buy-Perception.

She who has the wealth and the power, has the ability to buy. You can buy assets: land, property, businesses, cars, homes.

The goal however is to eliminate the population from having assets. Only the wealthiest will be permitted to own. All of this “purchase power” is a ruse to hypnotize people or lull them to sleep in this conflated reality in which we live. This perceived assumption of power creates a false narrative that the world is fine, peaceful and secure when in fact, people are being radiated, burned, bombed, and destroyed minute-to-minute.

The perception of peace created through “asset acquisition” is a trumped-up hologram “associated” with peace and security when actually it is neither.

By Deception, We Make War. I would update that motto to “By Deception, we Make Buy-Perception” which is simply another, even sneaker, form of war.