BioBlockchains, CyberPolygon, and the Etherium of Things To Come

My longest title yet, but I couldn’t stop myself.

Cyber Polygon live theater is scheduled for July 9th, 2021.

Jeff Bezos fulfills his February 2nd announcement to step down in the third quarter starting July 1st and then interestingly officiates that announcement July 5th.  Why?

Does it have anything to do with the event four days from now?

For those in Texas who saw their power dissolve for a week or more in the middle of winter or folks in California who experienced rolling blackouts amidst wildfires and earth quakes, you understand what managed power disruption manifests.  Living without electricity and water happens when the power is hacked or taken down through geoengineered-“collateral damage” weather events.

We are already seeing the destruction of livestock feed and staple sources through injected droughts, drained reservoirs, and geoengineering; the squeeze is beginning in earnest.

As REvil strikes again from JBS SA to the 40,000 businesses hacked in the past few days, the cyber carrot is being floated in true Hegelian Dialectic.  Now that the reaction is set to a global theater, the attendees will perform the solution before the world stage in the spirit of Cyber Polyglot 2021.

If the old just-in-time distribution system can be hacked and disrupted, why not consider a track-and-trace, peace-and-security, ledger-based system for distributing mechanisms within the living system:  a biological blockchain with its own energy source.  Patent W202060606 makes more sense everyday: aerobic-anaerobic activities monitored and funds released according to the activities performed on the ledger-of-breathing blockchain.

What will occur during this live exercise on the 9th and what reality humans will face shortly thereafter remains to be seen.  What will be the ether vs. the Etherium of Things to come?