All the Wight Men: Your Body, Their Choice

In the lead-up to the November 3rd election, the Senate is laser-focused on Coney Barrett’s confirmation for all the wight reasons where wight is defined as a living being, a creature and specifically a human.

Coney Barrett’s nomination is not based upon her qualifications. She has been a judge for about three years of her abbreviated legal career which clearly makes not the Supreme Court Justice. Her rulings have been partial and biased at best. Her advocacy and published opinions lean heavily to the right. Yet she is focused on the wight, right?

The confirmation is all but assured given the lockstep voting pattern of Senate Republicans from impeachment through the stimulus packages. Therefore, let’s get to the point: overturning Roe v. Wade one state and one-of-ten regions at a time. Why overturn this law after 47 years? Not enough white men being born? Perhaps. The United States is a Christian nation after all? Maybe. I would lean it more toward a Jesuit construct. Just the same, the answer is more practical in fact if you will simply look to the end game: full dominance of planet earth.

The technocratic end game never happens though if people defend their humanity and demand their rights. So the first thing globalists and eugenicists do in this most “civilized” of nations is to fully strip away citizen’s rights starting with the first law of the new constitution.

The Civil Rights Act of 1866 was defanged March 20, 2020 requiring an all-but-impossible “but for” benchmark to prove discrimination. Ten months ago, civil rights protections were severely curtailed as a result of Comcast Corp. v. National Association of American-Owned Media. Citizens and civil rights groups didn’t really pay attention, but corporations sure did. This was a Citizen’s United-style victory over civil rights and human rights. The protections of the Civil Rights Act of 1866 were codified in the 14th Amendment so this Amendment could not be compromised by any future legislation or Supreme Court rulings.

Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113, was based upon those privacy protections of the 14th Amendment, but now it’s easy to compromise and look who’s coming to dinner? Why it’s Amy.

Overturning Roe v. Wade has been expedited by the attempted destruction of the Civil Rights Act, but the real benefit of removing privacy protections involves forcing you to take a vaccine. Trump’s Operation Warp Speed is getting those super-cold vaccines into Midwest sub-zero storage facilities and then into the veins of every Black man, woman, and child without manufacturer liability: the end game.

Black Americans have disproportionately lost businesses, family, wealth, and funding during this crisis and are the most deservedly in need of wealth; pure water. Technocrats, Gates-keeper eugenicists know this and want quench the thirst of “poor” Blacks with, you guessed it –koolaid.  Stimulus funds deposited into your account once you’ve agree to drink, I mean get injected with, the koolaid. The beautiful thing is that the deposit will go right into your bank account via a centralized cryptocurrency and since both are floating in your blood stream, you become instantly special. Awwww. “We wept together” before he got thrown under the Wild Bill bus (W0202060606). Just call it a Trust Stamp minus the slave ships; reparations is what she means.

Look squarely in the face of this lockstep toward lock up and you will see that the reset is simply waiting on the law. Coney Barrett’s confirmation wrongs the wight on behalf of the privileged, private agencies and corporations. She wouldn’t be there otherwise. It’s all about full control of your body, your rights, your will, and your freedom. This is how you will be turned into a slave using their laws if you chose to OBEY. It is your body, your mind, your choice. God knows.