65 South From Birmingham

The morning of August 16th, 2013, I was driving South on Highway 65 after leaving a convention and dinner in Birmingham the night previous.

I was on my way to the Black Farmers’ Convention Breakout sessions near Prattville just north of Alabama’s capitol.

I had been on my flip phone for about 30 minutes and had just hung up. I approached the exit and took the offramp when I realized that even as I was trying move my left foot to the break pedal, my foot continued to push the accelerator. I noted an 18-wheel truck heading down the hill before me. As I hit the intersection with the truck approaching, I swerved away from the truck.

I remember a tussle with someone trying to pull at my purse strap as if to take it off of me. I felt someone trying to pull a sinew with a scythe as if to snap it, but the string was too strong. I couldn’t see anything. I then heard voices and I recognized them as my colleagues from the Black Farmer’s convention. Some were crying and yelling others insisting that I exit through the passenger’s side door. I assured them that I could exit through the driver’s side, but I could not see anyone. Apparently, I was hysterically blind albeit calm from within. So they opened the door, guided me out and asked me to lay down on the grass which seemed odd. They explained that the driver of the 18-wheeler was frantic, crying and that he had just fainted. I felt fine and had no injuries, but I still could not see anything. Eventually, the ambulance arrived and I was taken to the hospital. My eyesight returned on the way there. Once I arrived, I completed an MRI. The scratch I garnered came from trying to hold onto my bag; not from the crash.

I was released from the hospital and stayed with a local farmer from the convention. The next day, I went to pick up my belongings from the salvage of what was left of the car. The Tersa did not have a driver’s side and there were no ejected airbags. The driver’s side was completely smashed in by the grill of the 18-wheeler such that only the passengers side existed. I know God is real.

This was my first experience understanding the power of an overlay for I had no control over my mind or my leg muscles until after the accident.

The problem is that civilians like myself understand what happened, but do not understand the technology that accomplishes this task and who has its access.

I am angry that technology exists that can override a person’s natural ability to respond by syncing with or utilizing the person’s own fear to bypass their actual feelings and reactions. This is how people’s lives are overtaken and how they are led to forfeit or hand over: patents, titles to property, bank accounts, custody, inalienable rights or commit crimes; the sky’s the limit once you have a person’s genetic override key: their genetic data.

My concern is that this overlay is now being rolled out on a massive scale to the general population. This rollout will take the form of a patch such as hydrogel or a vaccine like Moderna under the cover of addressing a “pandemic.”