259 In Mount Enterprise

Two signals: One from Camp Pendleton and one from Twenty Nine Palms using a specific frequency and magnitude triangulated with a private contractor; a third party carrier.

That’s the backdrop you can not see, but you can hear via the left-ear tinnitus and the punches to your right bicep.  What you can not see though are the “boots on the ground:” police, citizen mercenaries; “vigilantes,” and curious people driving behind you activating the technology.

When your mind, your thought process and what you actually see is co-opted through technology directed with military radar and research-grade weapons behind you, the effect is the same.  Your muscles and mental ability to react are slowed, delayed or shut off.

I realized the hit was a psyop because “Randy” Pratt was extremely aggressive, but only after the first marshall, a soft-spoken elderly man “politely” stopped to make sure that I was “ok.” He then released his Pitt bull marshall to growl and harangue.

What I came to realize that the theatre which appeared as a car wreck was staged and planned; a live exercise from the time I drove North on 59 and found myself worried that I had missed the exit and turned around.  Why would I be fearful unless the technology was running interference and needed to buy time to organize the contingencies and put the players in play.

When your mind is influenced so that you see green and then see it switched to red or your see red on a light post and it means nothing, then you know bad technology is in play.  How do you get away?

You have to shut down the technology and shine a light on those actors who agree to perpetrate on behalf of team satan.

It’s tempting to search out a thousand different scenarios of what could have taken place if you had swerved or curved or even stopped.  Alas, this was a staged event and the camera revealed the players.

A repeat of 65 South From Birmingham complete with the same car seven and a half years later.