Month: January 2021

Genetic Entropy Anyone?

I first learned about genetic entropy from Dr. John Sanford’s book of the same name, it literally fell off the shelf at a Border’s Bookstore and nearly hit me.  I caught the book, bought it, brought it home and read it.  That was an eye-opener.  It would make watching the ending scene from “The Circle,” …

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The Legacy-Holder Inheritors

What are Legacy-Holder inheritors? A Legacy-Holder inheritor receives the benefit of a trust, foundation, land, industry, or intellectual property by virtue of inheritance. Sixty-seven percent of United States citizens can not afford to retire because they are impoverished and live at or below the poverty index.  This group may have retired early ahead of 65 …

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Effective Slavery Is Harsh, Endless Torture

The title of this article was inspired by my reading of Edward Baptist’s The Half Has Never Been Told. This unique, bodily-journey-of-a-book took twelve years to research, write and complete according to Baptist’s Afterword. The book’s historical narrative and cost analysis detail the highly-profitable cotton economy in the United States and the lucrative global cotton …

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